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These are stories I've already started that I'm willing to complete for my Purple Dove Auction. The winning bidder may request something from this list, or something else entirely; it's up to him/her.

WIPs that take place in my "If I Can't Have You"/"On A Night Like This" Universe:

Title: Albus Severus and the Terrible, Horrible, No-Good, Very Bad Family Reunion
Pairing: Gen, but Al/Charlie-centric
Summary: Harry catches Al wanking to Charlie's old man porn; Al and Charlie have an uncle-nephew heart-to-heart.
Excerpt: "And then Dad said, 'Gin, if one our sons turns out to be a man-whore, my money's on James.'" -- Al Potter
Note: I've already committed to writing this for the Next-Gen Fest, but I'll still accept auction donations for it.

Title: Untitled (a/k/a The One Where They Meet)
Pairing: Al/Scorpius
Summary: It's love at first sight when Al and Scorpius meet on the train to Hogwarts, but will their families keep them apart?
Excerpt: "Apologise to my brother, or I'll shove this wand so far up your fat arse you'll never shit right again." -- James Potter

Title: Untitled (a/k/a The Yule Ball Fic)
Pairing: Al/Scorpius
Summary: Scorpius is terrified of coming out, and Al is losing his patience. Will the strain of hiding their love tear the boys apart?
Excerpt: "Dad said he spent ten years living in a cupboard, and the only way I could ever disappoint him was if I chose to do the same." -- Al Potter
Warnings: Underage sexuality, nothing too explicit

Title: What I Learnt on Summer Hols
Pairings: James Potter II/Vivienne Vasquez (original character), Al/Scorpius
Summary: It isn't easy being James Sirius Potter -- living in the shadow of his famous father and pining for a girl who can't stand him. Can Al, the little Slytherin prat, give a Gryffindor lessons in courage?
Excerpt: "I think it's safe to say the best two or three minutes of your life are yet to come." -- Vivienne Vasquez
Warnings: Underage sex (some sexuality depicted, though not the deed itself)

Title: For Your Entertainment
Pairing: Al/Scorpius
Summary: Scorpius gives Al an unforgettable show -- and Al gives Scorpius the fucking of his life.
Excerpt: "I wouldn't go in there if I were you...your fiancé's in a strop. But hey, it's your funeral." -- Heathcote Barbary of the Weird Sisters

Title: Untitled (a/k/a The Wedding Fic)
Pairings: Gen, but with smutty AS/S wedding night outtake (Al/Scorpius, Harry/Ginny, other canon pairings)
Summary: It's a Potter-Malfoy wedding. What could possibly go wrong?
Excerpt: "Is it bad form for the father of the groom to murder his son on his wedding day?" -- Harry Potter

Title: Untitled (a/k/a The Birth)
Pairings: Gen (Al/Scorpius, Harry/Ginny, other canon pairings)
Summary: The birth of Harry's and Ginny's first grandchild stirs up a cauldron of feelings for the whole family.
Excerpt: "He's the spitting image of my worst living enemy -- a tiny, alabaster angel -- and I love him more than life itself." -- Harry Potter

Title: A Hard Day's Night
Pairing Al/Scorpius
Summary: Fatherhood is a lot harder that Scorpius thought it would be. Would it be so terribly wrong to sell the children? Fortunately, Al knows just how to get Scorpius to relax.
Excerpt: "If my murderous great-aunt were still alive, I'd beg her to add me to her list of victims." -- Scorpius Malfoy

Miscellaneous Other WIPs:

Title: Untitled (a/k/a "Harry Gets Really, Really Lucky")
Pairing: Padma/Harry/Parvati
Summary: Forced to attend another Yule Ball, Harry gets more than he bargained for when he invites his date from the first time around.
Excerpt: "I mean, really, Harry. Twins? It's genius." -- Bill Weasley

Title: Home
Pairing: Harry/Ginny/Draco
Summary: Hungry, homeless, and fearing for his life, Draco takes refuge with his old enemies -- but mounting tensions between himself, Harry and Ginny might be the death of him, too.
Excerpt: "Does Potter call you 'Mummy' when he's fucking you? I'm told the resemblance is striking." -- Draco Malfoy
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