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Title: Sleeping With Ghosts
Pairing: Harry/Cho
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: ~13,700
Summary: When Harry and Cho cross paths far from home, painful secrets are disinterred.
Warnings: (highlight for spoilers): character deaths (not Harry or Cho), underage sex, violence (non-sexual), mild blood/gore, drug use
Author notes: Written for [ profile] r_becca for [ profile] smutty_claus 2009. Extra-special thanks to [ profile] katwoman_68 for being the world’s fastest beta.


Below are links to (1) a very long thank-you list (and a few disclaimers), (2) my discussion of the Chinese cultural issues and phenomena presented herein, and (3) as a bonus, a page of miscellaneous notes. These entries are friends-locked; you will need to friend me if you want to read these links.

Thanks and Disclaimers

Chinese Cultural Issues and Phenomena (CONTAINS SPOILERS)

Miscellaneous Notes (CONTAINS SPOILERS)

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Warnings policy: Most of my fics contain graphic sex or other adult material. Things I warn for include recreational drug/potion use, heavy kink, graphic violence, child abuse, character death, and underage sexuality or references thereto. I may or may not warn for infidelity. I do not warn for first person POV, het, slash or femmeslash. Please see headers for detailed warnings.


How To Piss Off Your Sister Without Really Trying (Al/Lily, wc: 424, R) — "I'm warning you, Al. Stay out of my love life, or I'll make yours a living hell."

One Bright and Early Morning (Pansy/Al/Scorpius, wc: 744, R) — Al and Scorpius have some 'splaining to do.


Improvisation (Harry/Draco, wc: 7,650, NC-17) *non-magical AU* — The applause still rings in my ears after the congratulations, the glad-handing, the endless intrusions of well-connected backstage interlopers seeking photographs and autographs and snippets of conversation.

Payback, Parts I and II (Harry/Draco, wc: ~1,700, NC-17) *bondage, past sadomasochism, mindfuckery, heartbreak* — "You haven't enough scars," I murmur, crisscrossing the tip of my wand over Harry's chest. "I could change that."

A History of Violence (Harry/Draco, wc: 671, R) *past BDSM, past infidelity* — "Tell me you've never once thought about it," he whispers into my hair. "Tell me you've never wondered if we could have what they have, and I'll leave right now and never come back."

Running Up That Hill (Al/Scorpius, wc: ~8,200, NC-17) *past child abuse/gay-bashing* — "As for being a Malfoy, it's a curse more akin to that of Sisyphus – tasked with forever pushing a boulder uphill, only to watch it slip from his grasp near the summit and tumble back to earth time and again. Just when I think I've freed myself, a new dilemma arises – and I'm trapped once more."

Taffy Apple (Al/Scorpius, wc: 350, G) — Al watched intently as I took the first bite, crisp tart flesh and soft caramel colliding on my tongue, and licked his bottom lip.

Nancy Boys (Al/Scorpius, Brian Molko, wc: ~6,300, NC-17) *RPF crossover, recreational drug/potion use* — "This one goes out to my little godbrother, on the occasion of his attaining manhood. Happy seventeenth, Al! Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do."

Let's Tie One On, For Old Times' Sake (Al/Scorpius, wc: 1,272, NC-17) *bondage, surprise non-canon slash pairing* — Boredom can drive you to do crazy things.

Fever (Al/Scorpius, wc: 3,036, NC-17) *Queer As Folk parody* — A lot of raunchy manfuckery, a little fluffy romance.

Angels in the Snow (Al/Scorpius, wc: 200, G) — "I c-c-can't believe you talked me into this," I whinged as only an eleven-year old can, staring up at the snow falling from my bed canopy.

One Dark and Stormy Evening (Al/Scorpius, wc: 2,050, NC-17) — Al and Scorpius drink Polyjuice to look like their dads; hilarity and fucking ensue.

Dirty (Harry/Draco, wc: 1,276, NC-17) *BDSM, infidelity, heartbreak* — I open the door of the inn, climb the decrepit old stairs to the usual room. A thin sliver of light shines from within, illuminating the dusty landing.

Scorpius's Very Happy Christmas (Al/Scorpius, wc: 1,000, NC-17) — "Happy Christmas," James uttered, smirking. "Be careful where you put your mouth right after you drink it, yeah? Don't go burning Al's dick off."

If I Can't Have You (Al/Scorpius, wc: ~5,600, NC-17) Lots of sex and romance, in roughly equal portions.


What Really Happened When Starbuck Found Earth (Tonks/Starbuck, wc: 935, NC-17) *Battlestar Galactica crossover* — Starbuck's finally met her match.


On A Night Like This (Harry/Ginny, Al/Scorpius, James Sirius/OC, Lily Luna/OC, wc: ~16,740, Hard R) — Harry finds solace from the trials of parenthood in a poignant memory from his teenage years.
     Chapter 1
     Chapter 2
     Chapter 3
     Chapter 4
     Chapter 5
     Chapter 6


In the Now (Harry/Ginny, wc: ~650, R) Ginny helps Harry unwind after a rough day at the Auror Academy.

The Blessing (Harry/Ginny, wc: 900, PG) *dark themes* — "No one else dreads this day each year the way I do; not even Neville understands — thank God — the emptiness of growing up unloved, bereft of the singular comfort that makes life worth living."

What's Wrong With This Picture? (Harry/Ginny, wc: 560, R) — At the Auror Academy, Harry finds himself struggling with his least favorite subject again.

Sleeping With Ghosts (Harry/Cho, wc: ~13,700, NC-17) *spoiler warnings; see header* — When Harry and Cho cross paths far from home, painful secrets are disinterred.

Fear of Flying (Harry/Ginny, wc: ~13,900, NC-17) — Ginny's reluctance to move their relationship forward causes Harry to suspect the worst.
     Part I
     Part II
     Part III


     Harry Gets Lucky (Harry/Ginny, wc: 5,800, Hard R) Harry has a very happy birthday indeed, with a little help from his old friend Felix Felicis.

     Incendio (Harry/Ginny, Harry/Cho, wc: 6,600, Hard R) Will Harry's jealousy — and an old flame — drive Ginny away forever?

     The Memory of Desire, Parts I and II (Harry/Cho, Harry/Ginny, wc: 11,700, Hard R) — Harry makes another trip into the Pensieve — but will he be prepared for what he finds?

Random Weird Shit, a/k/a Poetry:

A Yesterday (Harry/Ginny, G)
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For the sake of storyline continuity, fics set in this universe are listed here in date order.

October 31, 1999:
The Blessing (Harry/Ginny, PG)
Spring 2001:
In the Now (Harry/Ginny, R)
Autumn 2017:
Taffy Apple (Al/Scorpius, G)
Winter 2017:
Angels in the Snow (Al/Scorpius, G)
Autumn 2022:
On A Night Like This (Harry/Ginny, Al/Scorpius, James Sirius/OC, Lily Luna/OC; Hard R)
     Chapter 1
     Chapter 2
     Chapter 3
     (missing moment: How To Piss Off Your Sister Without Really Trying (Gen, Al/Lily; R)
     Chapter 4* (contains If I Can't Have You)
     Chapter 5
     Chapter 6
November 2022:
If I Can't Have You (Al/Scorpius, NC-17)
December 25, 2022:
Scorpius's Very Happy Christmas (Al/Scorpius, NC-17)
April 29, 2023:
Nancy Boys (Al/Scorpius + Brian Molko, NC-17)
Summer 2023:
Fever (Al/Scorpius, NC-17)
October 31, 2023:
One Dark and Stormy Evening (Al/Scorpius, NC-17)
November 1, 2023:
One Bright and Early Morning (Gen, Al/Scorpius + Pansy Parkinson, R)
Spring 2024:
Running Up That Hill (Al/Scorpius, NC-17)
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No, that's not a typo. I actually wrote a drabble.

Title: Angels in the Snow
Pairing: Al/Scorpius
Rating: G
Word Count: 200
Warnings: Fluffy boycuteness. Indignant Scorpius. Sneaky Al.
Notes: Written for [ profile] sortinghatdrabs Write Your OTP challenge. The prompt was "angels in the snow." Yeah, the title's not very creative.

Angels in the Snow )
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Hi All,

One of my extra-wonderful and appreciative readers suggested I do a question/answer type thing.  Specifically, she was interested in:

hidden (and not so hidden) symbolism in my stories
music that inspires my stories
music references in my stories
cultural references in my stories
how I choose names for characters
how I come up with ideas for stories
how I select facts from canon to use

Please feel free to ask any burning questions you may have here.
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I suck, because I still haven't finished my [ profile] hg_silverlining  songfic On A Night Like This, but I went ahead and signed up for the [ profile] hpgw_otp  Passage of Time Challenge.  Don't ask me why I do this to myself.  I have no idea.

Anyway, here's my submission, inspired (sort of) by Dan Radcliffe's pseudo-anonymously published poems recently come to light.  I totally bent the rules -- for one thing, it's supposed to be either a piece of art or 500-2000 words of fiction, and this is neither.  I'm not even really sure what this is.  Eh, whatever.


A Yesterday )


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