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Just a friendly reminder that there's still time to bid on hundreds of amazing items at the Purple Dove Auction. There's fanfic, 2-D art, 3-D art, edible goodies, you name it! All proceeds go to organizations that support LGBT youth, so it's a win-win -- you get a gift, and the charities get money to help kids in need. My auction is here:

You can bid on a 2,500+ word fic written by yours truly *or* buy a 500-word drabble, tailored to your specifications, in exchange for a small donation to the Trevor Project, a suicide hotline for teens and children. What are you still doing here? Get thee to the auction!

Also, I found this video today, which is already stirring up controversy. Not sure I agree with the method (I detest it when hate groups use children to get their POV across, so it's hard for me to condone anti-hate groups doing the same), but I love the spirit behind the message, and obviously, it's for a very good cause.

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Title: In the Now
Pairing: Harry/Ginny
Rating: R
Word count: ~650
Warnings: Adult themes

Summary: Ginny helps Harry unwind after a rough day at the Auror Academy.

Notes: This pseudo-drabble was bought by [ profile] katwoman_68 as part of my Purple Dove Auction, a fandom benefit for organizations that support LGBT youth; her donation went to The Trevor Project, a suicide prevention hotline for children and teens. Anyone who wants a 500-word drabble from me may purchase one for a small donation; bids are open for a longer fic as well. Please click on the auction link for details. Kathy's prompts were "fire" and "chocolate."

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These are stories I've already started that I'm willing to complete for my Purple Dove Auction. The winning bidder may request something from this list, or something else entirely; it's up to him/her.

WIPs that take place in my "If I Can't Have You"/"On A Night Like This" Universe )

Miscellaneous Other WIPs )
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So, I signed up to write for this:

My auction is here.

I hope all of you will consider bidding on something over there. It's for a great cause, and there's tons of stuff to bid on. Bidding starts today at 11 a.m., so go check it out!

(And for those of you to whom I owe fic, I haven't forgotten about you -- I just couldn't pass up a chance to help out, y'know?)

*crosses fingers and hopes someone bids on my auction*



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